Project Ideas

Miscellaneous ideas

  • Alternate UI for Rutgers SOC, or for any other Rutgers API
  • CPT test: Implement a continuous performance task (CPT) test in Javascript, as well as a backend to store results.
  • Car Pooling App: App to help users make carpooling arrangements.
  • Online bboard/messaging service for a particular domain (e.g., students taking a class).
  • URL shortener: Similar to, e.g., or tinyurl (proof of concept: your URLs will still be under this server, so not really short, but you will have to implement backend, redirects, and possibly frontend widget to make "shortening" easily usable).
  • Webpage change tracking: App that allows you to register a few pages, which are monitored, and notifications are sent when they change (note: running scheduled tasks in background on server may require special arrangements).
  • "Powered by Flask": list of some apps and sites that (publicly admit they) are using Flask.

Past projects

Fall 2014

  • Fruity: Prototype of complete online store, with backend (in Flask and SqlAlchemy), REST API (serving JSON), and frontend (in Angular.js).
  • Grub It!: Group event scheduling app, using Twilio APIs to send out SMSes for coordination.
  • Rutgers Dash: HTML5/Javascript dashboard, aggregating information from variousi Rutgers APIs (e.g., bus schedules, dining information, etc).
  • Cookie: Specialized search and browsing interface for cookie recipies, using the Yummly APIs.
  • Super Awsome Planner: HTML5/Javascript calendar widget.