Courses taught by Spiros Papadimitriou.

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Foundations of Business Programming

Principles of programming and software development, using Java. Emphasizes the application of computer programming based on “success stories” in various fields (including software industry, engineering, applied math and finance), taking an interdisciplinary approach.

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Business Data Management

Principles and techniques for managing corporate data resources, covering the foundations and functions of Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS), and their use as a business tool.

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Large Scale Data Analysis

Introduction to fundamental statistical techniques for analyzing large-scale business data. Provides systematic training in statistical models for massive datasets as well as programming and exploratory data analysis in real-world settings.

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Database and Web Applications

Introduces modern best-practices on all three aspects of the web: how data is represented and exchanged over the web (both user-facing as well as API endpoints), how application front-ends are developed, and how databases are used for persistent storage in application back-ends.

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